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Urban Forest Products, LLC

Founded in 2009, Urban Forest Products, LLC is a world-class producer of molded-fiber packaging solutions. Our ‘green’ manufacturing approach, including the use of biogas, recycled raw materials, and a closed-water system delivers a wide range of products from egg and fruit packaging, to 4-cup drink carriers used at quick-service restaurants.

Guardian egg trayAlready a leader in molded fiber, Urban Forest Products, LLC (UFP) continues to leverage our experience and innovation to improve facilities, machinery, and product offerings to meet and exceed customer expectations. These attributes drive success in a constantly changing and competitive market.

Urban Forest Products is diligently focused on continuous improvements. Throughout our manufacturing and warehousing operations, each staff and production employee is encouraged to look for ways to improve efficiency while maximizing the quality of our products. We’ve earned a reputation as a trusted resource for some of the largest producers in the industry. We are proud to have obtained and continue to maintain our Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certification for retailers and food service providers that require a rigorous, credible food packaging safety program.

Urban Forest Products is a team-oriented workplace and offers a competitive starting wage commensurate with expertise and work experiences. If you are interested in joining our team, just visit our Employment page for more information and our online application.