Our Building

Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana

Founded in 2009, Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana is a world-class producer of molded-fiber packaging solutions. Its ‘green’ manufacturing approach, including the use of biogas, recycled raw materials and a closed-water system, delivers a wide range of products from egg and fruit packaging, to 4-cup drink carriers used at quick-service restaurants.

Our Leadership:

Rob Richards Portrait

Rob Richards
Rob leads the high functioning team at Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana covering all manufacturing and profitability facets of the company. Prior to joining as Plant Manager, Rob had various leadership assignments in the telecom and agriculture industries. Rob earned a BS degree in mathematics from Purdue University and an MS degree in mathematics education from Indiana University. Rob is active in his community having served on several boards of directors. Rob lives in Greenwood, IN with his wife and they enjoy attending their five grandchildren’s activities.

Chris Buehrer Portrait

Chris Buehrer Chris is the technical director at Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana. His responsibilities include managing the plant’s control systems, IT infrastructure and customer specification compliance. Chris brings 15 years of engineering experience from the pulp and paper industry before joining and has a MS and BS in paper science and engineering. Chris lives in Valparaiso, IN with his wife, daughter and son.

Ray Hueser Portrait

Ray Hueser Ray is Vice-President Finance and responsible for all financial reporting aspects of Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana and its affiliated companies. Ray transferred to from a Canadian affiliate in 2013 where he had worked since 1995. He is a graduate of the University of Regina and a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Saskatchewan. Ray and his wife enjoy working in their yard and participating in Rensselaer area events.

Samantha Sanders Portrait

Samantha Sanders Samantha (Sam) is Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana' human resources coordinator. Her duties include staffing, employee management, employee benefits, compliance, and payroll. Sam joined Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana straight from Purdue University where she earned a BS degree in accounting and a BS degree in management. Sam is very engaged in community events and loves playing with her new puppy, Remy.

Brian Hopper Portrait

Brian Hopper As production manager, Brian oversees the production, quality and shipping teams at Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana. Brian has been at Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana for 5 years and had similar responsibilities and experiences for 17 years at another company. Brian lives in Schererville, IN with his wife and has three daughters. Brian is a sports fan who enjoys spending time with his family.

Mark Linder Portrait

Mark Linder Mark oversees our maintenance department and brings 25 years’ experience in the manufacturing maintenance field. Mark started as a mechanic and advanced to maintenance manager for an injection molding operation. Mark is a family man that enjoys all outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and fishing.

Dawn Tiede Portrait

Dawn Tiede Dawn is the purchasing manager specializing in buying raw material used in making various products and manages the accounts payable department. Dawn has also worked in sales and shipping with the company. Previously, Dawn was a regional area apartment manager overseeing numerous properties throughout Indiana. She is active in her community and has served on various boards. Dawn lives in Rensselaer, IN where she enjoys golfing and is a proud grandmother of five grandchildren.