Our Building

Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana

The Cascades Moulded Pulp-Indiana manufacturing facility is located in a rural area of Newton County, Indiana between the towns of Rensselaer and Morocco. The plant was purposely located near a landfill that provides a by-product – methane, that is used to fuel dryers that cure our pulp-based products.

Construction of the facility began in the summer of 2008 and completed in the early spring of 2009. Once complete, the equipment and machinery installation began. The first products were generated in December 2009. Full production started in early 2010 and has been ongoing since.

The 400’ x 280’ building houses all of the manufacturing process components under one roof:
Our building from the East Gaurdian on the conveyer to the stacker Gaurdian in the stackingmachine. Forklift with product